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UCSF I UC Berkeley PhD Program in Computational Precision Health – Applications Open

The PhD program in Computational Precision Health welcomes students from a broad range of computational sciences, health sciences, and interdisciplinary backgrounds.

Well qualified applicants will have a strong foundation in both the biological or health sciences, and the mathematical or statistical sciences, as well as significant programming experience. We welcome students from across a range of possible majors, including those who have developed foundational skills via non-traditional academic paths. While specific course or major requirements are contrary to the program’s core vision, applicants should illustrate their experience and strength in three core areas:

  1. Mathematics, and fundamentals of statistics and probability;
  2. Fluency with programming in a procedural language (e.g., Python, Java, C++, R)
  3. Basic and human biology

Students who have demonstrated excellence in two of the three areas above may demonstrate preparation in the third area through enrollment in core coursework at the time of application, or commitment to complete introductory coursework from approved “bootcampus”, online courses, or summer session courses following admission and before matriculation.

For more information and to apply, visit: