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// Platform-Aware Neurosymbolic Auto Tiny ML


Machine learning at the extreme edge has enabled a plethora of intelligent, time-critical, and remote applications. However, deploying interpretable artificial intelligence systems that can perform high-level symbolic reasoning and satisfy the underlying system rules and physics within the tight platform resource constraints is challenging. In this paper, we introduce TinyNS, the first platform-aware neurosymbolic architecture search framework for joint optimization of symbolic and neural operators. TinyNS provides recipes and parsers to automatically write microcontroller code for five types of neurosymbolic models, combining the context awareness and integrity of symbolic techniques with the robustness and performance of machine learning models.

TinyNS uses a fast, gradient-free, black-box Bayesian optimizer over discontinuous, conditional, numeric, and categorical search spaces to find the best synergy of symbolic code and neural networks within the hardware resource budget. To guarantee deployability, TinyNS talks to the target hardware during the optimization process. We showcase the utility of TinyNS by deploying microcontroller-class neurosymbolic models through several case studies. In all use cases, TinyNS outperforms purely neural or purely symbolic approaches while guaranteeing execution on real hardware.

Details & Specifications
May 31, 2023
Modules, Technologies
Neural Architecture Search,